Town of Wilton


Town Hall is currently CLOSED due to our only office employee having surgery. Mayor Martin is coming into the office as she can to assist customers and process payments. If you need assistance please use the following methods of contact.

Melissa Williams 205-281-0826 text or leave message if no answer. I can also be reached via email- [email protected]

Jessica S. Martin 205-767-3476

For those who use FACEBOOK, the Town's page is also a method of contact- Town of Wilton or @wiltonalabama use the messenger feature for a quicker response.​

We appreciate everyone's patience during this time while we experience one of the hardships of being a small town.  For those who are unaware, Wilton currently employee's 3 people.  1 in the office with assistance of the Mayor, and 2 utility employees.  We are in need of an office employee as well as one utility employee. Due to the current circumstances, I cannot train an office employee until I am released to return to the office. We have already collected many applications, and began interviewing.  If you are interested in applying email a resume to [email protected]  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.      

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Council meetings will still be held on the first Tuesday of the month. Seating will be spread accordingly, meetings are open for public attendance. Please note in order to address Town Council you must request to be added to agenda prior to the meeting. Contact Melissa at Town Hall 205-665-2021 to be added to agenda. If you would like to contact your council representative please click on page titled Mayor/Council.  If you are unsure which district you reside in a map is also provided on the Mayor/Council page or contact Town Hall. 


Please call us to learn more